Friday, September 7, 2007

Adventure and reward

They took their lives in their hands and they went. If you think about it, over and over again, going back to Jason and the Argonauts, those great stories, it's all about adventure and reward. It's a story told time and again for the last 3000 years. -- Thom Beers, Deadliest Catch

If only I were that brave. Then perhaps when I'm old and gray, I would have great stories to tell my grandchildren that they could in turn tell to their own children.

Some time ago, I was thinking to myself, how much fun it would be to just run off and do something different. Like join the environmentalists trying to save the rainforests in South America, or volunteer to help save the dying children in Africa, or perhaps become a monk in far away Tibet and meditate my life away.

Aahh. If only.


Everyone thinks of leaving a legacy of their own. I know I do. President GMA does. COMELEC Chairman Abalos does. These crazy people in government think of nothing else, but don't seem to be doing much to leave the right kind of legacy. ZTE deal anyone? Legacy? Infamy is more like it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


It was probably boredom that killed the cat.