Monday, July 14, 2008

Mamma Mia!

I watched Mamma Mia last Saturday. My, my, what terrible fun. Not one for musicals, even Jay enjoyed the movie.

It was a bit weird to see Pierce Brosnan sing though. James Bond, haha. And Colin Firth, hahahaha. I don't want to put spoilers here. But it should suffice to say that the men in the movie are enough reason to watch it. :)

And then there's Meryl Streep, goddess. Goodness, I love her! I didn't even know that she could sing. Some parts of the movie I found her acting a bit disconcerting (age-inappropriate, I thought), but when she did that song Winner Takes It All, I was blown away. Blown away. Damn.

... I don't want to talk...

Watch it, watch it, watch it.


I can't wait for Batman to open this Thursday!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Light & Shade

I had dinner with a friend the other day. (A 48-year old friend, who I never imagined to be a day older than 40. But that's another story.) He's also friends with my sisters, and sees them every so often too.

Anyway, I realized something after talking to him.

During dinner, he inadvertently told me what my siblings really think about Jay and me. Why they don't like the idea of us together. They think that I'm too much in love with him. And they're not used to seeing me that way, as they think I'm some sort of ice queen.

Ice queen I am not. I just don't like showing affection. Normally.

But what's wrong with being head over heels in love anyway? Who would want to be in a relationship with someone they were only semi in love with? That doesn't sound fun to me at all. It's no way to be with anyone. Call me naive. Call me foolish. But I'm not loving my guy any other way.

Fra Lippo Lippi sang to me this morning: Be weak, if you want to love.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Karen told me I am starting to have separation anxiety. Jeez, I haven't even left yet. But she said it's normal. Thank goodness. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy.

Jay told me something he read somewhere: she could not remain the person you love if she gave up her dreams for you, so be happy she is living them out.




I had nothing better to do so I decided to take a new route going home. I took a jeepney at Shaw Boulevard. When I think of jeepneys, I think of UP. UP toki and UP ikot. Hahaha. So there I was, reminiscing on the fun times I had going from Ateneo to UP, when I saw KFC, which was my cue to "pull string to stop".

I was happily getting off when my nostalgic mood was abruptly cut. I was barely off the jeepney when the driver started moving again. I whirled around and cried: Oh my god, what the f**k?!? Twenty faces stared back at me in silence.

Lessons learned? One. Don't take the jeepney. The drivers are rude. Two. Don't cry out loud to God and curse all in one sentence. People think you're rude.



All my troubles looked like they were here to stay. Today they seem so far away.