Friday, September 26, 2008

Girl in Olomouc

A little girl
Thought she was all grown up
She decided to leave home and all she loved
And try it out on her own

The little girl took a bus, a train, a plane
To go as far away as she could
And with little thought and even less care
She built herself a place to stay.

A little girl sits alone
In the little house she’s made
She wonders finally to herself
What it means to be all grown up

The little girl is cold and lonely
The place she found has beauty but no warmth
And in that solitary moment
She finds that she is lost

A little girl
In a little house away from home
Cries her eyes and all her heart out
And starts to grow up

26 September 2008
7.40 a.m. Olomouc


Last night, I cried myself to sleep. Out of fear, frustration and loneliness. So many doubts. So many uncertainties. And even when I finally succumbed to exhaustion, my dreams were nightmares one after another.

What I did not know was that the universe looked kindly on me and had pity. Today I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. The one thing I have been wanting to see since I got to this strange country, a place quite beautiful but veiled in grey.

Not for the first time, I wonder why I am so blessed. I am weak. And doubtful. And afraid. But I know I am blessed.

It would do me well to remember that.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Sometimes, someone can mean so much to you that even the truth can't change your mind..."

Saw this on the blog of my friend's sister.

It doesn't sound so smart for some people. But it is too much true.