Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Rude Awakening


The sound of a key trying to open my locked door followed by loud knocking woke me up from an already unhappy dream to a worse one.

I now have a roommate. Ugh. I really should have expected that, and not raised my hopes up for some sort of miracle that would allow me to remain alone in this double room (albeit in name only for it really is just a single room with two beds) that they assigned me.

I'm pretty sure my new roommie is a nice girl. But this has nothing to do with her. I like having my room to myself. It's a place I retreat to when I need peace and quiet. I like having my own organized mess, I like singing out loud in my undies as I get ready for class, I like having friends over whenever I want, I like having a place for my drama moments.

And now my happy days over.

Unless I get lucky and she decides she can't live in this tiny space with me either. Or if I'm extremely lucky and there is still a single room available in this dorm.

Wish me luck.

Because my sanity hangs in the balance.


~~kurency~~ said...

oh dear.....you'll get used to it. just tell ur roomie to leave the room if u want 'space'. =) kasya pa ba ako dyan? lol.

~~kurency~~ said...

u'll get used to it eventually. =) or you can rent a room sumwer close to the old town. that would be better.

Bea. said...

i asked the university if they could arrange for me to be alone, even if i have to pay double, i don't care. di ko talaga kaya.

but kung ikaw, pwedeng pwede, hehe.